nouvelle usine

Since its foundation,
The GAUTHIER Company
maintains an expertise which comes from a textile tradition that appeared in 1872.
Due to all these years of practice, the company has acquired a great experience and produces
upmarket items whose quality is indisputable.
These goods satisfy customers from a large of variety of markets.
Its human size gives the company flexibility and responsiveness.
The GAUTHIER Company is certainly a label of quality.

ancienne usine

1859- Hippolyte GAUTHIER buy a silk grinding.
1872 - Installation in Vertolaye.
1908 - Anatole GAUTHIER build new building to double the production's surface.
1910 - Silk grinding to braiding.
1929 - Jean-François GAUTHIER succeeds his father.
- Creation of Sarl GAUTHIER FILS.
1962 - Jean-Pierre GAUTHIER succeeds his father.
1996 - Construction of new buildings which double surface of production.
1997 - Jean-Damien GAUTHIER succeeds his father.