EPV Label

The EPV Label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), created in 2005, is a mark of State recognition aimed at promoting French companies with exceptional know-how in terms of craft or industrial production.

Awarded for a period of 5 years, this quality label is based on a careful selection of companies, a visit by experts in the trade, an instruction report submitted to the ISM (Institut Supérieur des Métiers), and a final validation by the Government.

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Wood rick rack braiders

In 2009, the EPV label was awarded to Gauthier Fils, for its historical activity of trimmings and rick rack manufacturing. Its last renewal was in 2021. More than 300 wooden looms are still in operation in the original company buildings, which date back to 1872. Originally, these braiding looms were powered by a water mill.

Today, the old wooden looms are still used to make serpentines and rick racks. You can watch them in action in the videos below.