Our values in textile design

Our spirit

Devoted to the time that never passes…


Respect for commitments

Cost control

Exclusively focused on your expectations, your needs in terms of textile creation, innovation and questioning. Efficiency and agility are part of our DNA. We meet the requirements of the major players in the luxury and ready-to-wear sectors, and we create unique designs. To solve your enigma, our teams mobilise, search the treasure chests and go through our knowledge. In this way, we match your request to give life to the most beautiful textile ornament. The taste for creation, curiosity and the spirit of adventure are values that we hold dear. We give the best of ourselves. We put our industrial skills at your service in a human-sized environment, combining technology and know-how for a single objective: your satisfaction.

Our body

Solidly built, standing on many legs, strong, reliable and faithful

Anchored locally in a textile territory, our ancient and modern braiding machines structure a robust material capacity. As a major player in the Ambert textile basin, we rely on a well-oiled machine for all textile creation, from design to shipping.

For broader horizons, Gauthier Fils is part of the Groupe Gauthier which combines the creative talents of several organisations.

ATIPLAST: specialist in overmoulding on narrow textiles, plastic injection and extrusion of tubes and rods



PROMOTRESS : specialist in the design and manufacture of rigid braids and elastic cables for over 110 years



MANUTEX : Ribbon weaving specialist in the Saint-Chamond (42) region, for over 120 years