Waxed cotton cord

Waxed cotton has a shiny, smooth appearance that can be likened to leather in certain colour ranges. It is a quality material for the creation of ethical fashion accessories and leather goods, without the use of animal material.

We manufacture a wide range of cords and ropes, braided with waxed cotton yarns, from 1 mm to 15 mm in diameter, from 1000 meters (by reference and color), in our workshop in France.

Our waxed cotton cord comes in bright colors, or with a brown or black imitation-leather look, which goes well with leather goods. Waxed cords can also be used to make round, imitation-leather, brown or black laces. They can be cut to the length of your choice and fitted with a tilting tip (finished by Atiplast, also a member of the Gauthier Group).

We also offer organic cotton cords for an eco-responsible approach to fashion accessories.

We are at your disposal to advise you and present our waxed cotton creations.

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White waxed cotton cord
Kaki waxed cotton cord
Blue sky waxed cotton cord
Green Nile waxed cotton cord
Rose waxed cotton cord
Red waxed cotton cord