Braided polyester piping

A fine cord with fabric decoration, piping is a textile finish that is often a must for upholstery and garment making projects. When woven with polyester yarn, it has interesting characteristics in terms of strength and resistance, and lends itself easily to luggage or outdoor clothing projects.

Polyester piping also has a very wide range of colours, making it very suitable for the creation of customised finishes in relation to a specific colour chart.

For environmentally friendly creations, we also offer the production of recycled polyester piping, which has the same technical properties as conventional polyester.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a polyester piping project (from 200 metres, by reference and colour), our team of specialists is at your service.

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Recycled Polyester

Red polyester braided  piping - 9628/060
Tricolour polyester braided piping - G1804/076
White polyester and copper braided piping - 9623/030
White and blue braided polyester piping - 9604/030
White, rose and blue braided polyester piping - 9617/040
White, yellow and black braided polyester piping - 9628/060