Jacquard ribbon

Developed in 1801 by Joseph Marie Jacquard of Lyon, the jacquard loom allows the programming of patterns within a fabric or ribbon.

A true technical revolution, this technology is still used for the production of patterned ribbon, used in furniture, packaging, clothing, interior decoration …

The jacquard ribbon can be single or double sided. It most often features geometric friezes and patterns, but can also show floral decorations, text, drawings or brand logos. A wide range of colors is available, depending on the choice of materials.

For eco-friendly projects, we can use recycled cotton, Econyl® (recycled nylon) or Ecojean in the production of the ribbons.

We offer you our know-how in the creation of custom jacquard ribbon, rigid or elastic, 100% manufactured in our workshops in France. Our team of ribbon specialists is at your disposal to advise you.

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Sport jacquard ribbon MJE3185
Sport jacquard ribbon MJE3117
Sport jacquard ribbon MJE2958
Sport jacquard ribbon MJE3144
Genaral Council jacquad ribbon MJE2761
Jacquard ribbon for furnishing MJR3128
Jacquard ribbon for furnishing MJR3128

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