Lurex® ribbon

Lurex® is a metallised polyester thread that allows amazing creations for packaging, decoration, clothing…

A Lurex® ribbon, where copper, gold or silver threads are mixed with dark threads, has an incomparable charm and shine. It is ideal for creating a luxurious and glamorous atmosphere around a branded product.

Our weaving workshop offers a wide range of materials and colours to make a customised ribbon, in line with your project, and perfectly meeting your specifications in terms of robustness and design. The entire production process is 100% carried out in France, in the center of France.

In an eco-responsible approach, we offer a complete range of recycled Lurex® for the creation of more environmentally friendly ribbons, in line with the objectives of sustainable fashion.

Our technical team is at your disposal to help you create and weave a customised Lurex® ribbon.

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Available colors :

6 mm to 60 mm

Black and copper Lurex® ribbon 16mm - GT2104/030
Black and copper Lurex® ribbon - GT2104/030
Black and copper Lurex® twill ribbon
Black and copper Lurex® twill ribbon
Black and golden Lurex® taffeta ribbon - GT2104 046
Black and silver Lurex® taffeta ribbon - GT2104 039
Black taffeta ribbon with copper zip pattern - GT2104 - 037
Black taffeta ribbon with golden zip pattern - GT2104 - 037

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