More than a company,

A unique know-how in textile braiding

The legacy

1500 braiding machines

Traditional wooden crafts and modern crafts

3 to 120 spindles

The complete set to make any kind of braid

12000 references

A non-exhaustive and constantly evolving catalogue

For 5 generations, Gauthier Fils has offered unique know-how in the field of textile braiding (cotton, polyester, viscose, acrylic, polyamide, etc.). This speciality is practised on modern braiding machines but also on old wooden machines, still functional, which ensure the production of rick racks.

Today the materials and design techniques have changed, but the job remains fundamentally the same. Gauthier Fils makes all types of braids and trimmings (rick racks, soutaches, overhangs, princesses, braids, etc.) on request for haute couture, perfumery, ready-to-wear…

Thanks to the alliance with other companies in the group (Promotress for technical braiding and Atiplast for elastic cables and plastic overmoulding), Gauthier Fils is also able to offer specific products for the automotive and sportswear industries.

Our know-how is recognised by the ISO 9001 version 2015 certification.

The braiding machine

Unlike the weaving loom, on which all three types of weave (plain, twill, satin) can be produced in all widths by changing the number of warp threads, each braiding loom is designed to produce a type of braid that depends on its number of spindles.

Consequently, we need to have the full range of looms to best meet customer demands. Moreover, as this is a slow production technique, each type of braiding machine must be available in sufficient quantity to guarantee the necessary reactivity for each production.

To ensure the best possible service, Gauthier Fils has the full range of looms and spindles needed to produce products that meet your expectations.