Soutache manufacturer

A soutache is a narrow and flat braid, with two sides, intended to hide the seams on a garment. This embroidery appeared in the 15th century and was used on the clothes of the nobility, then in military costumes. This kind of braid can be find for example on old uniforms and the stage clothes of the Beatles.

Today, soutache is an essential textile accessory for embroidery, haute couture and furniture. Jackets, dresses and stage costumes take their inspiration from its unique look as they did in the Golden Age.

Soutache made of cotton, linen, viscose, polyester or Lurex® is enjoying a resurgence of interest with the creation of textile jewelry and other fashion accessories, and the personalization of clothing with custom bread. We are manufacturer and provider of soutache for textile shops and fashion designers.

Need to customize a textile project ? Do not hesitate to consult us for the manufacture of a customized soutache (product creation from 200 meters, by reference and color).

Our range of soutaches by material