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Strings without discord

We manufacture flat or round cords, solid or tubular, woven or braided, with or without core, plain or multicoloured cords, available in several materials (from wire of cotton, polyester, Lurex®, nylon…). Our know-how in the creation of cords can be applied to all your fantasies.

We produce a wide range of braided cords, cables, ropes, paracords and twines from 200 meters (by reference and colour), for all types of applications: ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, packaging, decoration… Our company offers the widest choice of cords for your textile creations.

Our finishing workshop can meet all your specific requirements for our textile products and accessories, from simple cutting to the production of overmoulded cord and cable.

Our team specialised in the manufacturing of quality cords is at your disposal to inform you about our products. All production is done in France, in our workshop in Vertolaye (Auvergne).

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