Viscose braid

Viscose or rayon is a soft, light, flowing material with a silk-like sheen. It is composed of 90% wood cellulose.

Used in packaging, clothing and decoration, viscose braid is available in a wide range of colours. The combination of different colours makes it possible to create original designs, in line with a brand or a textile accessories project.

As a manufacturer of viscose braid, we also offer the use of Lyocell, a wood pulp-based material manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our braiding specialists are at your disposal to show you all the possibilities and to propose the best textile solution for the creation of viscose ribbons and braids, from 200 metres (by reference and colour).

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See available colours

Natural white viscose braid - 155/030 - C60
Black viscose braid - 156/060 - C01
Rust-coloured viscose braid - 580/030 - C33
Fuchsia viscose braid - 580/070 - C68
Purple viscose braid - 591/220 - C16
Rose Tamaris viscose braid - 580/165 - C04