Twisted cord

The twisted cord or stranded cord is made by winding several cords around a spiral axis. This spiral cord is known for its flexibility and its strength and resistance to breakage. It is used in packaging (bag or crate handles), DIY, landscaping, sports equipment, mooring… In small diameters, its characteristic aesthetic is appreciated by designers of jewelry and fashion accessories.

In our workshop in France, we use many materials to make twisted cords: natural materials (linen and hemp) for an unbleached and traditional look, cotton and polyester for vibrant colors, Lurex® for a metallic finish… The assembly of multicolored braided cords offers many possibilities.

For an eco-responsible fashion approach, we also use organic cotton and recycled materials (recycled polyester, eco-jeans).

Our team is at your disposal for projects of standard or personalized twisted cords, in phase with its environment, and 100% French manufacture (from 200 meters, to the reference and the color).

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Cotton, hemp, linen, polyester, Lurex®, eco-jean

Diameters :
⌀ 2 mm to 30 mm

Blue and orange twisted cord
Lime green and orange twisted cords
Red and blue twisted cord
Blue and grey twisted cords
Multicolor twisted cords
Yellow and orange twisted cords