Nylon cord

Braided nylon cords, from 1 mm to 15 mm in diameter, manufactured in our workshop (from 200 meters, by reference and color), combine aesthetics and robustness, and use a wide range of colors.

Very strong, nylon cords are preferred for creative hobbies, outdoor equipment, fashion accessories, packaging… Polyamide cords can be found in fancy necklaces and bracelets, climbing ropes and other equipment that requires strength and durability. In sporting goods and summer collections, nylon is adorned with bright or fluorescent colors. For technical equipment, it is more discreet and uses darker, more classic colors.

For branded accessories, we offer the creation of personalized patterns, thanks to the combination of several colors: do not hesitate to contact our team to obtain examples of nylon cord creation, in connection with your project.

In addition to round cords, we also produce numerous nylon braid designs in the color of your choice for custom packaging or decoration projects.

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See available colors

Red nylon cord - 294/022 - N05
Bordeaux colored nylon cord - 194/022 - N13
Royal Blue nylon cord - 194/022 - N06
Nattier blue nylon cord - 194/018 - N15
Black nylon cord - 294/018 - N01
Multicolored black nylon cord with fluorescent pink and yellow - 194/022 - N01 N43 N41