Polyester cord

From our workshop, we offer an exceptional choice of colors for the manufacture of braided polyester cord, twine, halyard, shock cord and rope, from 0.5 mm to 15 mm in diameter, from 200 meters (by reference and color).

Matte, semi-matte or glossy, polyester thread is a good material for the creation of robust cords, intended for clothing, fashion accessories, decoration, creative leisure activities… A polyester cord is by nature resistant to the elements, and lends itself well to outdoor use.

The combination of different colours and the design of custom patterns allow us to create a unique and original braided polyester cord, in phase with your textile project. We also offer a full range of NewLife® recycled polyester to create cords that are fashionably sustainable. All manufacturing of our polyester cords is carried out in France.

Tipping tips and hooks can be applied as a finishing touch, to obtain a ready-to-use cord. This service is provided by Atiplast, also a member of the Gauthier Group.

Our team is at your disposal to guide you through the different possibilities of braided polyester cords. You can also discover our expertise in the manufacture of cotton cord.

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See available colors :

Recycled Polyester

Orange polyester cord - 241/030 - D59
Lime green polyester cord - 241/050 - D54
Fluo green polyester cord - 241/040 - D42
Fir green polyester cord - 241/050 - D09
Turquoise polyester cord - 241/030 - D28
Blue royal polyester cord - 241/035 - D06