Recycled fiber cord

Textile recycling allows to limit waste, by reusing materials and by limiting the energy needed for manufacturing. This technique, more and more used in the fashion industry, promotes sustainable development.

Our workshop offers several types of cords and ropes from 1mm to 15mm in diameter, made from GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified recycled fibers, from 200 meters (by reference and color)

Global Recycled Standard
  • Newlife® recycled polyester cord, made from PET plastic bottles, without the use of chemicals. Many colors are available, and this type of cord has the same resistance as a classic polyester cord.
  • Ecojean cord, a material made from a blend of denim cotton and recycled polyester, with grey-blue tones, very pleasant to the touch, ideal for clothing and creative activities.
  • Recycled Lurex® cord, a metallic material available in silver, gold or copper tones, perfect for the creation of environmentally friendly jewelry and fashion accessories.
  • Econyl® cord: made from recycled nylon from fishing nets and textile industry waste, this robust material is available in 170 colors